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www.TransformFuture.com is a Online way for Solving your life’s problems accurately and effectively by ancient and foreign methods of prediction by TAROT CARD, LENORMAND CARD, TEA CARD & RAMAL READING.


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Shri Shri Shailender Sharma, my Guru, "I bow my head in deepest gratitude at the LOTUS FEET of my Guru. Oh! My spiritual master the Guru and my Supreme Father, the compassionate and gracious, kindly bless me with the grace and wisdom, to flow through my mortal being, like an eternal spring, so that whosoever reaches me for guidance and help returns contented, with zeal and a new spirit to reshape his/her future to the desired satisfaction and fulfillment."

No one can predict what awaits you in future, but it certainly can be known what will happen if you continue to live your life as is in the present. The enlightened people who lived on this planet had preached that the future could be shaped by changing ourselves in a positive manner. I am one of the gifted persons in the world, who can help you to know the future as is shaped at present and suggest the ways and means for you to change it the way you desire to change to bring health, wealth and peace of mind in your life.

Our Logo - The Third Eye

As per Spritual Masters The Third Eye is also known as the Transcendental Eye, the Eye of Wisdom, the spiritual Eye, the Intuitive Eye, the Star of the East, the Inner Eye, the Dove Descending from Heaven, or the Eye of Shiva. This single eye is located at the Krishna or the Christ (Kutastha) center between the eye brows. It is the reflected rays from the mouth of GOD i.e. Medulla Oblongata. Meditation helps to see it. It is like a ring of golden light encircling a sphere of opalescent blue, and at the center a pentagonal white star. It paves the way for SALVATION. (Biologically this is a pineal gland located in the forehead in area just above and between the eyes brows). Since I am also a devotee to achieve The Third Eye. Hence it helps me in my psychic practice.


"I am Ambesh Mathur doing a small business in medicines, match box and spices. I was suffering heavy losses. Hence I consulted Mr. Gaurav who advised me to concentrate on sale of match box and spices. Accordingly I left out medicines and started concentrating on Match box and spices, my sales increased and now all the problems are over. I thank Mr. Gaurav for the help I get from him."