Astrology Consultation

Whenever you are facing a problem there is an urge to find the solution to it. Well, that is the best time to put a query.

In a problematic situation instantly a thought comes to the mind to sort out the problem. This thought as a wave travels to the ether and is recorded. This recorded problem is later tapped by the occultists/psychics through their intuitive mind power and tools to give out the correct result by interpreting the same. Here you are advised to frame questions on the instant problematic thought and make sure that you don't use your intellect, which may go wrong.

The consultation is not available for free, as the Karmic effect will be for both the parties i.e. the consultant and the consulter. Therefore there is a fee.

For Inside India Users paying in Indian Rupees via Netbanking, Credit/Debit Card(issued in India), Cheque, Direct Cash Deposit, Demand Draft -

Reading for One Question      : 1100 INR
Reading for Two Questions    : 1400 INR
Reading for Three Questions : 1700 INR

For Outside India Users Paying in USD Via PAYPAL, Credit/Debit Card(issued Outside India), Western Union -

Reading for One Question      : 20 US Dollar
Reading for Two Questions    : 25 US Dollar
Reading for Three Questions : 30 US Dollar

Three questions forms one session only. After 3 questions you will need to start a new session.

Your question(s) will be answered usually within 24 Hours via E-mail, the maximum time I require to respond to your question(s) is 48 Hours. If I can't be able to answer your question(s) within 48 Hours then your money will be refunded.

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"I am Ranjit, I am working as a employee in ECHS Polyclinic (Medical Establishment) Ajmer. My brother in law was missing in Ajmer. I consulted Mr. Gaurav who asked me to lodgde FIR to Ajmer Police Station and told me that somebody had offered him Contaminated Eatables and he is unconscious, in 3 day's time I will be able to find him nearby. After 2 days of my searching I found him nearby at Jaipur Railway Station in Intoxicated state. I am grateful to Mr. Gaurav for helping me finding my Brother in law."