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Online Psychic Card Reading - Gaurav Upadhyay Ajmer, Rajasthan, India
Gaurav Upadhyay - PSYCHIC READER

I inherited intuitional power from my parents and ancestors. My grandfather and ancestors were priests who helped and guided their generations through their intuitive and knowledge of ancient scriptures. They were meditative and led pure ascetic life and professed Vedic Astrology for their living.

I started my career by taking up a management job out of India but continued with my ancestral profession by practicing profession of my lineage. I did extensive study on Tarot. I became a disciple of spiritual Master Shri Shri Shailender Sharma in Siddha Siddhant Yog Academy Goverdhan at Mathura (India) by the blessings of his holiness I have become a successful Psychic Card Reader or Fortune Teller.

Apart from Tarot I practiced other psychic card reading or spiritual sciences i.e. Lenormand Card Reading, Geomancy (Ramal) Reading and Gypsy Card.


"I am Anand 37yrs old working as Contractual employee in a Government Hospital in Ajmer. There was lot of Financial & Mental disturbances in my house. I consulted Mr. Gaurav who advised me to carry out certain Rituals. Within few days I got promotion and simultaneously my mental worries were also got over. Terrific! He is great, I thank Mr. Gaurav for solving my problems."