- "I am Ambesh Mathur doing a small business in medicines, match box and spices. I was suffering heavy losses. Hence I consulted Mr. Gaurav who advised me to concentrate on sale of match box and spices. Accordingly I left out medicines and started concentrating on Match box and spices, my sales increased and now all the problems are over. I thank Mr. Gaurav for the help I get from him."

- "I am Anand 37yrs old working as Contractual employee in a Government Hospital in Ajmer. There was lot of Financial & Mental disturbances in my house. I consulted Mr. Gaurav who advised me to carry out certain Rituals. Within few days I got promotion and simultaneously my mental worries were also got over. Terrific! He is great, I thank Mr. Gaurav for solving my problems."

- "I am Ranjit, I am working as a employee in ECHS Polyclinic (Medical Establishment) Ajmer. My brother in law was missing in Ajmer. I consulted Mr. Gaurav who asked me to lodgde FIR to Ajmer Police Station and told me that somebody had offered him Contaminated Eatables and he is unconscious, in 3 day's time I will be able to find him nearby. After 2 days of my searching I found him nearby at Jaipur Railway Station in Intoxicated state. I am grateful to Mr. Gaurav for helping me finding my Brother in law."

- “I am Vincent. I am thankful to Mr. Gaurav for helping me to treat problem of my daughter in coming out of depression caused due to disturbed relations with her husband. He has guided me and gave solution of the problem as well as explained me in details about the causes of such type of problems in married life.
His advises has sorted out the problem largely. I wish him best wishes and pray almighty God to give power and strength to him to continue to guide people.”

- “I am Nisar Khan working in a hospital where I get my salary which is not sufficient to run my family, so I asked Mr. Gaurav the problem, he advised me to go to Foreign Country to earn. Surprisingly I made my passport and an agent approached me with an offer of a job in Middle East Country. I agreed to his proposal and I am proceeding for a job. I am grateful to him.”