What I do

Problems can be solved by intelligently working in right direction, only hard work is not enough, sincerity, perseverance, endurance and total devotion to the problem or work at hand will bring desired results. The luck will only support according to your input and devotion. Nothing is gained without positive efforts.

This is where my professional guidance will come in to help you steer your way to a better and prosperous future. I with my intuitive and inherited talent will give a glimpse of your future and ways and means to change according to your desires.

Your typical problems


  1. What type of business will suit me ?
  2. Will the business be a profitable one ?
  3. When should I start my business ?
  4. Will the business be a partnership or individual ?
  5. Will I do job or business ?
  6. Which business is suitable whether jewelers, cloth merchant, iron, furniture, share marketing etc. ?
  7. Will I be able to take up my family business ?
  8. Will partnership business be suitable ?
  9. Is my partner reliable ?
  10. I am running in loss, how should I make it profitable ?
  11. Will my income from business increase or decrease ?
  12. Should I get loan for business from bank/private finance companies or by floating shares ?
  13. If I float shares will it materialize ?
  14. Will my debtors pay back my money & when ?
  15. My rivalries are trying to overpower Me., how to overcome this problem ?
  16. The clients are not purchasing my goods in spite of lot of ads; suggest ways to solve this problem ?
  17. My company is getting lots of complaints on my products in spite of rectifying the same and going downward trend. Please guide me ?
  18. Will my finished product be exported to foreign countries ?
  19. Will my export/import business be profitable ?
  20. Should I do business in finished products or raw material ?
  21. Will my business grow ?
  1. Will I get loan for business ?
  2. Will I get loan for buying a car/property ?
  1. What type of job will suit me ? Technical or Administrative ?
  2. When will I get my first salary ?
  3. Will I go abroad to pursue my career ?
  4. When will I be promoted ?
  5. Will I be selected for assignment abroad ?
  1. Will I be able to buy a land ?
  2. Will I be able to buy a house ?
  3. Where should I buy a land or a house ?
  4. Can I get a tenant for my house ?
  5. When will my tenant vacate ?
Lost & Found
  1. Will I get my lost/stolen property ?
  2. Will I get my lost document ?
  3. Will my lost relative come back ? And when ? And how ?
  1. Why my children are not taking interest in studies ?
  2. What stream my children should take at school/college based on his aptitude and nature ?
  3. Which type of job will suit me best ? Will it be based on my professional skills or otherwise ?
  4. Will I be successful in competitions and interviews ?
  5. Will I go abroad for higher education ?
  1. Will my Love affairs materialize ?
  2. Will I get my life partner in time ?
  3. Will my life partner settle harmoniously with me ?
  4. Will my life partner be professionally settled ?
  5. Will my married life be happy and prosperous ?
  6. Will I have children in time ?
  7. Will I have good and cordial relation with my family members, friends, boss, colleagues, subordinates, business partners and clients ?

Health (Consult Medical Professionals before you ask me any question)


"I am Nisar Khan working in a hospital where I get my salary which is not sufficient to run my family, so I asked Mr. Gaurav the problem, he advised me to go to Foreign Country to earn. Surprisingly I made my passport and an agent approached me with an offer of a job in Middle East Country. I agreed to his proposal and I am proceeding for a job. I am grateful to him."